15 grams – Dragonslayer – Magic Truffles

15 grams of Galindoii Magic Truffles

Strength: 4/5

Other names: Dragons 'Tail, Dragon, Dragons' Dynamite, Dragon's Pussy

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This truffle variety has many different names, most of which are derived from a dragon theme. The reason for these names is in the sometimes weird appearance of this truffle, which can indeed resemble a dragon.
The Dragonslayer has no scientific name, because the truffle itself is derived from the Atlantis. The difference with the Atlantis is that the Dragonslayer has a longer growing time, resulting in a bigger truffle. Our Dragonslayer beats all other dragons around and guarantees a unique trip with great visuals, deep thoughts and a great body high.

Strength: 4/5
Other names: Dragons 'Tail, Dragon, Dragons' Dynamite, Dragon's Pussy

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Deep Spiritual Experience

Took about 12g as this was only my second time tripping and my first time on the Dragon Slayer. I started feeling the effects after about 40mins. When they did kick in it was hard and fast for the next hour and a half, but it wasn't overwhelming at all. It was a great high with a lot of visuals with eyes closed and very deep philosophical and spiritual thoughts. The come down wasn's so bad either. I still felt a lil different after about 2 day but by the third everything was back to normal. Very positive experience and one I will treasure for the rest of my life. Highly recommend! Thanks MagicTruffles :)

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15 grams – Dragonslayer – Magic Truffles

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