15 gram – Atlantis – Magic Truffles

15 grams of Atlantis Magic Truffles

Strength: 5/5

Other names: Numenorián XTC, Purple Rain, Golden Teacher

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The Atlantis is one of the last discovered truffle varieties. It can be found in Fulton County Georgia, U.S.A. Of the four original truffle varieties, this is certainly the strongest. There are experts who claim that the Atlantis is not its own species, but a sub-species of the Mexicana. However, we have noticed remarkable differences in how the Mexicana and Atlantis grow under the same conditions, indicating genetic differences.
During a long growth period of 16-18 weeks, the Atlantis forms small sclerotia. This means that this species uses its enzymes mainly for psychoactive ingredients, rather than for tissue, even more than the Tampanensis does. Due to its high psilocin and psilocybin concentrations, the Atlantis can kick in the same way that XTC does. In the hour that follows, the trip climbs to its peak, which is full of vivid colors and visual effects. In addition to that, the Atlantis is often described as being slightly Aphrodisiac. So watch out! ;-)
The Atlantis is highly recommended to psychonauts who are looking for a more intense experience.

Strength: 5/5
Other names: Numenorián XTC, Purple Rain, Golden Teacher

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Ordered twice

Best website for truffles.



    So I haven’t actually taken them yet but the customer service is AMAZING. They responded so quick and were so helpful! Definitely going to order from here again :)))


      Great for beginners

      The truffles arrived in UK after about 2 weeks (covid), and I took them a week after that. I have never tried shrooms or truffles before, so I picked these because they seemed fairly strong, but easy enough to handle for a beginner. I took around 7 or 8 grams (for reference, I weigh 55 or 56kg). I took them at just before 4pm, after having a light breakfast and 2 tortilla chips at lunch. I kept a notepad and pen by me because I love to write things down, and thought it would be interesting. I would highly recommend doing this, because it helps you to record important thoughts/feelings that you might have otherwise forgotten. Also it's funny to look back on- for example, my handwriting progressively getting worse. I noticed the effects after about half an hour, and probably reach peak at about an hour. The experience as a whole was really pleasant and lasted approx. 4-5 hours- it wasn't scary or overwhelming, it felt gradual and natural. I was slightly worried about having a bad trip due to some frightening Reddit stories, but I never thought about it while tripping. I saw cute subtle kaleidoscopic colours on the ceiling and glowing heartbeats in the clouds. There were several times where I felt out of my body or lacking presence in reality, and some parts I cannot for the life of me remember what happened. I would look at the clock and half an hour had passed, and I had written stuff down that I didn't remember writing. Towards the end of the peak, I felt slightly sick, and wanted to get it over and done with, so I tried but I hadn't eaten so I just had to live with it. After that, I was really hungry. Just as I was coming down, my brother and I went for a walk for an hour or so, which was lovely because I was able to look normal when passing other people, but still felt very euphoric and at one with nature. The next morning I noticed the colours in my room still felt exceptionally bright- this went on for a couple of days.
      I feel as though there has been a permanent slight change in my mentality, I feel much happier in myself now. Overall, a great experience, and would love to do it again, but maybe with friends and outdoors.

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      This was an amazing experience.
      I took them around 02:00 (the taste wasn't bad, in fact it was quite nice) and about half an hour later it started to work.
      At first I felt kind a dizzy, but not bad dizzy.
      About an hour after it started to work the trip started. First light, my hearing was better, I saw everything in detail. After that I started to think about so much stuff, random stuff and life choices. I think it was about an hour later when the visual stuff came. I have these star patrons on my ceiling, I saw them everywhere. My whole room was full of stars.
      The hardest trip was after I think 2,5 hours ant took around 3 hours. My whole bed was wavy, and my blanket felt like it was a big wave covering me. There was a moment that I legit felt like my bed wasn't standing straight and I would have fell off if I didn't hold on to it.
      Beside that, I heard a lot of noise, scooters, cars, motorcycles and it felt like I was on the streets.
      I was talking a lot to myself and laughed a lot.
      Around 08:30 (exactly 6 hours after it started working) it was over and I was able to see everything normal and walk.
      De morning after I felt good.

      Overall it was a nice trip, and I will definitely do this one again.

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      Beyond words, encountered profound meaning.

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      The world was Beautiful.

      So I wrote a review on theses while I was just setting off to wonderland but, realise I never actually pressed the submit button.

      All I can say is absolutely 5*.. I took the whole 15g.. was only going to do half but... I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. It’s lead to me now ordering 30grams of Galindoi. Which i’ll Get soon.. but honestly.... get some, you’ll know what happiness truly is, you’ll understand everything around you. You become stuck on who you are when in the state you become. In the most positive way possible.

      It not only helps you discover who you are, but what you’ll be at your most happiest state of mind. It’s absolutely Beautiful. Give it a go.. because, if you don’t you’ll be wishing you’d always had! :)

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      Maybe my body is wierd

      As a first time psychonaut, I (started) by following the recommendations on the website of taking less than the 15g I ordered. After an hour, the only influence I noticed was little waves on the wall. Against the advice of my girlfriend, I took the remaining half of the bag and hoped the trip would intensify at some point. Unfortunately, it never did. Aside from a brief laughing spell, I really didn't notice any significant change in my perception. Don't know the product was somehow defective, or if it was simply my body chemistry, but I was quite let down. As it's (likely) no fault of the seller, I'll give them 4 stars for fast, discreet delivery. Hopefully the other bag of Galindoii gives me a knock off my feet

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      Fantastic service

      Haven't had the opportunity to try them yet, but delivery was swift and packages came as promised! I'd highly recommend this service to anyone wanting to experiment with psilocybin. very discreet, and arrived directly in my mailbox in Germany with no hassle. Will definitely be buying again!!!

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      Trusted seller

      Used these guys direct and by courier. First experience was amazing. I recommend 15g on an empty stomach. Ride the wave and enjoy this life changing experience :)

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      Fast Delivery to Uk, good contact with stuff via mail, answers all questions i asked, good quality

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      Purchased two 15g for a friend and me, friend pulled out so I ended up eating 15g then a few g later on. Awesome Visuals, Great high. Felt a little sick but this was largely due to the fact I was drinking too much fizzy juice during the trip.

      Plan on buying again shortly - best time of my life.

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      Excellent service. Delivered to UK with no problem. Thanks. Will order again.

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      Fast shipping and handling times and when they arrived they worked very well had a great time

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      amazing, beautiful colourful trip with lots and lots of laughter and visual effects. pure magic

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      Got them no problem through the mail, fast and easy shopping. I had 7 grams then 15 a few weeks later. It was quite fun but I wouldn't call it a trip, or even psychedelic, it was mainly just feeling weird and wired for a few hours.

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      I tried seven grams of this stuff in Amsterdam and it utterly blew my socks off. I never felt so happy. It is indescribable. The world would be a more beautiful place if everyone could have a go at this.

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      First time right now. WOW! I love you guys! BUY THIS!

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      Atlantis is absolutely amazing! quite possible the best thing ever to help create! Remember they're your thoughts!

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      Got them in mail in 2-3 days shipped! cant wait to try,


        LovE Love love- recomend for anyone who wants to feel and know the true non duality of all things- magic truffle tell me we are all one.

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        I tried it first time , last week. for 15 gr. It was amazing. Word are not enough, My God! I saw the beautiness!!!

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        Lo he probado mientras miraba una pelicula de comedia junto a mi amigo,me lo he pasado como nunca,parecia que veo la pelicula en 3D:),y tmb.es muy afrodisiaco.Lo unico que hay que tener cuidado con los vecinos por que te ries como loco:)))


          Herkese mrb,
          daa kimse yorum yazmamis.ilk ben olayim. arkadaslar tr'ye hic bir sorun yasamadan geliyor. benim siparisim kargoya verildiğinin ertesi günü aksami elime ulasti. ve verdikleri tracking number ile upsden kargonun o an nerde oldugunu online izleyebiliyorsunuz. tesekkurler . daa urunu denemedim, hafta sonu denedikten sonra deneyimlerimi yazarim.


            big thanks to all the guys at magic truffles, your product is off the wall keep the good work up.

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            Hi, first of all i want to thank magictruffles.com for this incredible product.

            I received this 15gr atlantis pack after only just 1 day form the day i order it (ups COD). I received it at noon and thought i'll give it a try at the evening the same day. I took 10gr and after half an hour i felt like i was on a elevator heading towards the euphoria floor lol! after 1 hour i took another 5g and then.. KABOUM! welcome in wonderland! Visuals, euphoria, colour explosion, philosopher thoughts and many more that can't be described with words. I'm sure now i found my ticket to another frequencies and it's called atlantis!

            Happy tripping guys!

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            Have used these twice now, and soon to be a third time!
            I can't describe just how incredible you feel on this trip- you are fascinated by everything, so a good location is a must. I ventured into a museum on my first trip, and felt like I walked inside a painting!
            Second trip I went to a glen/forest, and things came to life and I thought I could talk to trees!

            Can't wait...

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            great experience....shared them with a friend and had a great trip to wonderland... recommend these very much

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            Recently tried these in Amsterdam, and they are brilliant! Wherever you are in the world becomes the most wonderful place to be, and I can remember so vividly how amazing everything looked from the other size of the trip! Definitely recommend.

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            15 gram – Atlantis – Magic Truffles