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50 gram – Atlantis – Family Pack

50 grams of Atlantis Magic Truffles

Strength: 5/5

Other names: Numenorián XTC, Purple Rain, Golden Teacher

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The Atlantis is one of the last discovered truffle varieties. It can be found in Fulton County Georgia, U.S.A. Of the four original truffle varieties, this is certainly the strongest. There are experts who claim that the Atlantis is not its own species, but a sub-species of the Mexicana. However, we have noticed remarkable differences in how the Mexicana and Atlantis grow under the same conditions, indicating genetic differences.
During a long growth period of 16-18 weeks, the Atlantis forms small sclerotia. This means that this species uses its enzymes mainly for psychoactive ingredients, rather than for tissue, even more than the Tampanensis does. Due to its high psilocin and psilocybin concentrations, the Atlantis can kick in the same way that XTC does. In the hour that follows, the trip climbs to its peak, which is full of vivid colors and visual effects. In addition to that, the Atlantis is often described as being slightly Aphrodisiac. So watch out! ;-)
The Atlantis is highly recommended to psychonauts who are looking for a more intense experience.

Strength: 5/5
Other names: Numenorián XTC, Purple Rain, Golden Teacher

Before consumption, always read All you need to know about Magic Truffles first.


best quality, best product, best site, best service best

Definitely not ordering anywhere else.....everybody should try it at least once in their life with respect and wisdom....i try it here and there in the nederlands but definitely the truffle brothers are the best. I don’t know how people can say they don’t feel any effects, they definitely take it wrong. I recommend to take it the first time with your best buddy’s out in the woods maximum 10/15 grams to know the product, and definitely once alone if your ready to go deep into yourself.....today I can say it, it changed my life, solved problems of years in 1 session...not only the connection to the nature....this product help you to help yourself...it’s a master key....I have the feeling that it give me the balance to my life back, I have a complete new energie in life. had the feel that I’m to unconfident...thinking about it seeing makes no sense boom change it, thinking I have to go more to sport and change eating habits boom change it lose 15kg in 3 months, thinking about im to lonely boom change it got a girlfriend the next day, thinking about all the negativity in my life, surrounding, and the hole world, seeing it make all no sense go live your life and make the best from it. thinking about to go vegetarian to. After my diagnose before 3 years with 22 and knowing maybe that I’m gonna die in 20-30 year i live my life to the fullest ever day from know on and have no fear anymore. Im more happy than 95% of the people. And this is the key to a good life he happy!

thanks Magictruffles.com
thanks truffles Brothers Ali and Murat
thanks god

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"Family pack"

I ordered the 15g package about a week ago and was sorely disappointed by the results. Other than some lightheadedness, I barely felt any effects. I was determined to get a full-on trip, and took bought the 50g package for this past weekend. I did some rough stoner-calculations and figured that if 15g didn't do the trick, surely a full dose of 50g would. And boy was I right. Ever wondered what it would feel like to forget that you are a human? Pop back this whole pack and I guarenntee you'll have the same nervous breakdown. fucken 5/5 for sure. definitely won't overdo it like that again, but I definitely will be a repeat customer :)

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Arrival Rapid (5 days to UK)

Discreetly packaged. Quick delivery. Looking forward to sampling. Comments seem very promising.. Will review again later


    Ordered to the UK & it came within 4 working days. Me and a friend had a family pack to ourselves (25g each) & had an insane trip. Good quality stuff, will defo be ordering again.

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    I IZ DEADED, the trip messed me up for DAYYYZZZ fam

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    I ordered 100 grams of Psilocybe tampanensis. It took about 3-4 weeks for the transaction. I sent out my order by mid March, so I'd have my order in time for 4/20.
    100 grams was the perfect amount, for myself and a few friends to try the experience.
    I had visuals with a body numbing experience lasted for several hours. While I got mixed results from my " ginea pigs" and we'll be ordering again in the near future. Happy customers here.


      I ordered a 50 gram family pack in early December. Between waiting for my payment to get to the Netherlands and then waiting for the product to get to me the whole process was about 30 days. At one point my package was stuck in ISC NewYork for about a week. This concerned me and I contacted Magic Truffles.com with my concern. They immediately replied and assured me this was normal. Every time I contacted them their response was prompt and reassuring. I was more than satisfied with the great customer service.
      Me and a friend split the 50 grams in half, ingesting 25 grams apiece. The truffles went down very easily with little discomfort and minimal bad taste. I felt the first affects within 15 minutes and it gradually evolved into a fairly intense trip. Great visuals, several laughing fits and a constant smile on my face. We took the dose at 8:30pm, we're tripping by 9 and I fell asleep around 2 am still feeling very good. It was definitely a good 4 hours of sensory bliss. I was pleasantly surprised by the strength and quality of the product.
      I highly recommend this product and this dose. I feel like I probably could have got by with 15 grams, but 25 was perfect; not too much and not too little. Good strong visuals for about 4 hours, good intense body high for the duration and a very introspective trip all together.
      I got a lot out of the trip and if you're looking for a great experience this product is well worth the money. You get alot of bang for your buck with the 50 gram Atlantis pack.
      Don't hesitate! Order now! You won't regret it

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      Ödeme için ayd?nlat?n beni lütfen oguzglmz@gmail.com


        Dostum ödene k?sm? biraz s?k?nt?l? onu çözmeye çal???yorum bende, gümrükte hiç sorun olmuyor diye biliyorum.haz?r olarak veya yeti?tirme kiti olarak sat?l?yor grown kit te kendin yeti?tiriyorsun basit bi sistemati?i var suyunu veriyorsun sadece netten ara?t?r?p bakabilirsin.ödemeyi biliyorsan benimle ileti?ime geç lütfen oguzglmz@gmail.com


          So I was super anxious to get these (The Dutchii) just highly anticipated and I'm impatient by nature.
          I live on the west coast of the US and so wondered at the time duration until arrival.
          Today I received my package after 10 days it sat in ISC for a few days or it could have arrived much sooner... it was small smaller than anticipated which was great!
          2 hours ago I took my sample sized 5g just ate it straight up and it was a bitter nutty taste which i neither enjoyed or disliked.
          At first my stomach felt ill... anticipated & was to be expected and took around 20min to subside.
          40-50 min and I felt a head change
          like i said I'm impatient by nature so I decided to proceed as everything was going accordingly.
          I sampled another 2-3 grams with some chamomile tea infused with berries (organic tea)
          All said it is a pleasant experience relaxed I feel great and would recommend highly
          I will be back for More Thank you Magic Truffle.com for being true to your word and delivering a great product.....

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          arkadaslar turkiyeye rahat geliyormu ayrica tam olarak bizmi yetistirecegiz yoksa direk mantarimi gonderiyorsunuz


            This was a terribly disappointing experience. Began with 15 grams and nothing happened..just a mild sense of spatial disorientation..so took 10 grams more..and it was almost nothing at all. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was,as we were prepared for a powerful experience, and all we got was dizzy and slightly nauseous..

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            Very pleasant and intense experience! Indeed the visuals are not so stunning as from mushrooms, but still there is plenty bending of the shapes and colours around you. The massive impact on thinking and expressing yourself with speech and gestures is unique, weird and very deep. Me and two other persons shared the 50g pack and we were digging our minds like moles for about 3-4 hours. Talking, laughing, listening to music and staring how paintings from our walls came to live.. together with the walls :). We felt each one of us as different beings, our faces were taking strange shapes and colours and sometimes we were talking as one person. We had couple of moments when one of us was talking something so important for our existence that the other couldn’t say anything and the the "talking stick" was passed to another ... like we were at a conference discussing our past and future as a whole. The feeling was both dramatic and euphoric.
            The effect faded gradually and then we drunk some beers afterward for relaxation. We were in apartment, but didn’t felt claustrophobic.
            Big thank to the Magic truffles’ team for their dedication and great service!

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            25g dose, first experience with truffles, fasted for five hours beforehand.
            30 minutes to kick in and then come the giggles. SO much giggles that i'm crying and my eyes are literally leaking with happy tears for two hours. Slight visuals, but my brain was more focused on this immensely euphoric feeling of absolute joy.
            You don't really feel high like you do with other drugs, you can take yourself out of the high pretty easily and act normally, but it requires a bit of dedication to that cause. But you know you're way up there.
            It remains to this day one of my best experiences.


              Very nice experience. It is a lot more than just a recriational drug. Delivery time was normal. Cant't wait to eat them in a special place here on Crete.

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              Bugün verdim sipariþi kargoya ne zaman verilir acaba
              bide kullanýmý hakkýnda direk yiyomuyuz yoksa kekin içinemi koyuyoruz
              deneyimli arkadaþlar yorum yaparsa iyi olur


                sipariþ gayet hýzlý ve sorunsuz geliyor öncelikle o konuda sýkýntýnýz olmasýn arkadaþlar daha önce tampanensis sipariþi verdiðimiz de çok memnun kalmýþtýk ve biraz daha fazla Psilocybin itediðimizden atlantis sipariþ ettik en son seferde fakan kafasý daha düþüktü tampanensis e göre rengi resimlerdeki gibi yeþile çalan bi þekilde deðil daha açýktý bi ihtimal mexicana geldiðini düþünmedik deðil. herkeze tavsiye ederiz arkadaþlar.


                  Went to Dam to experience these, what can i say? EPIC!!! Got loads of videos of me moshed out of my face!! I was smiling constantly for about 5 hours and had a laughing fit in the middle. I talked so much Shit and saw the roads in amsterdam moving up and down...very confusing :S !!!!!

                  Definatly recommend these as they have such an enjoyable trip!!!!!

                  ENJOY :D

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                  I agree, this is bad for my stomach (so i wasted the first dose making out with the toilet) so i tried squashing them in tea and with lemon ( cus lemon helps stimulate the stomach) and when i first got it down it rly rly kickd like XTC i was so tierd and then, my arm started rockin by it self the music turned up loud and it was fakkin amazing, my towel with tigers on at the wall was totaly with me on the trip and well im not gonna say anymore, theze rocks, im bying them again now and i cant wait to do it properly, cus my mom fucked up my last trip and now i got my own place and setting :D:D:D:D:D:D::DD !!!!!!!!




                      i had these with a few friends a few months back and O MY GOD! didn't see that coming! lol i had about 15 grams to my self i just cut them up and put them in my pasta, din't take long about 30 mins and i was starting to trip. lasted a good 5 hours, no come down just a bit tired. the walls where breathing colours looked intense like rubber. What are you reading this for get them in your belly!lol


                        livraison en 48h ouvrable arrive en parfait etat sou vide pa de probleme merci


                          fantastici è dire poco. ne ho presi 10 - 11 grammi e sono saliti quasi subito, dopo 10 minuti scarsi dall'assunzione ci si accorge già di non essere più lucidi, le sensazioni si amplificano, le vibrazioni attorno iniziano a farsi via via più forti. ci sono una ventina di minuti durante i quali si è ancora sulla terra, dopodichè...
                          tartufi veramente forti, consigliati agli psiconauti esperti o ai più temerari !

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                            50 gram – Atlantis – Family Pack