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50 gram - Tampanensis - Family Pack

50 grams of Tampanensis Magic Truffles

Strength: 3/5

Other names: Philosophers' Stones, Cosmic Comote, Dolphins Delight

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The Tampanensis was first found in the seventies in Tampa, Florida. All existing cultures of the tampanensis originated from this first discovery. After that first find this species was spotted only once in the wild. During a growth period of 14-16 weeks, the Tampanensis forms sclerotia of medium size. This indicates that this species mainly uses its enzymes for the production of active substances, rather than for the production of tissue. The psilocin and psilocybin concentrations are well balanced, causing the Tampanensis to kick in faster than the Mexicana and brings you to the peak of the trip slightly faster, which makes for a more intense experience. For those who have already had a good trip on the Mexicana, the Tampanensis is an excellent choice.

Strength: 3/5
Other names: Philosophers' Stones, Cosmic Comote, Dolphins Delight

Before consumption, always read All you need to know about Magic Truffles first.


Treat with respect

I've been using Tampanesis once a year since about 2014 and the experiences have bought new insights into this human shell. The journeys have always been deep and sometimes intense but nothing that did not yield itself to eventual gratitude and bliss. In 6 years items have always been discretely packaged and arrived within 2-4 days of order. Thank you.



    Great great great

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    Amazing product + Customer Service

    Customer service was exceedingly friendly and helpful and the trip was mind blowing.
    Definitely buying again


      I ate 30 grams and had no visual effects but I got a good body buzz was expecting to have a true psychedelic experience. Any other stronger strains?

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        Simply brilliant! Love it

        Ordered Friday - Payment received Monday - Shipped Tuesday - Arrived Thursday

        From NL to DK (Denmark)! That's bloody quick.

        Shipped extremely blunt too, wouldn't guess in a thousand years, even by feeling the package, that this would have truffles inside! Beautiful shipment execution.

        Now to the real deal; Blew my socks off. Man do these have fire power? Took 10 grams in the afternoon, not exactly the most delicious taste, nothing special kinda ecky wecky. Fast-forward 2 hours and I visuals appear a bit, colours are very explicit and intense. Euphoria feeling, especially when listening to music.

        4 hours in and I've somewhat reached the peek, thoughts going wild and the sense of euphoria is exceptional. Mind blowing! By far the best truffle/mushroom I've had ever. Philosopher's stone INDEED. Really makes your brain race round right. Couldn't stop laughing for 1 hour straight from random events occurring and mind racing.

        Definitely going to get more for new years, without a doubt! This is insane!!!! Can only recommend!!! Enjoy everyone.


          I ordered these on a Tuesday, money arrived in company bank account on Thursday and was shipped same day. They arrived Monday morning, that was super quick to me. I examined them thoroughly since my eyes have never seen them in person. Amazing, I weighed out 8 grams to start. That's what Hamilton Morris suggested on the Vice program. After an hour I was way relaxed, but not many visuals so I consumed the other 7 for a 15 gram total. Still nothing major, until an hour later when starting on dinner. After only a few mouthfuls of food I was launched into a brighter more colorful view of the world. The feeling of being connected to everything that is within our universe. And the days that followed, an absolute positive change in my thoughts. Anxiety and fear which I would feel on a daily basis have subsided. My 2nd dose I ate 15grams at one sitting. My stomach did not agree with this decision. 2 hours later I threw them up. Tried making tea with the rest and that was okay but not like eating them the first time. Gonna order Atlantis next and chop them up and add it to a chunky peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. A way to eat them without taste and upset stomach.


            Tried all varieities on the site and this is the only one which caused no nausea for us!

            VISUALS : Colours were very vivid, stars in the sky sparkled, edges of objects were more pronounced.
            FEELING : Peace, relaxation and happiness!

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              50 gram - Tampanensis - Family Pack