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100 grams – Atlantis – XL Family Pack

100 grams of Atlantis Magic Truffles

Strength: 5/5

Other names: Numenorián XTC, Purple Rain, Golden Teacher

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The Atlantis is one of the last discovered truffle varieties. It can be found in Fulton County Georgia, U.S.A. Of the four original truffle varieties, this is certainly the strongest. There are experts who claim that the Atlantis is not its own species, but a sub-species of the Mexicana. However, we have noticed remarkable differences in how the Mexicana and Atlantis grow under the same conditions, indicating genetic differences.
During a long growth period of 16-18 weeks, the Atlantis forms small sclerotia. This means that this species uses its enzymes mainly for psychoactive ingredients, rather than for tissue, even more than the Tampanensis does. Due to its high psilocin and psilocybin concentrations, the Atlantis can kick in the same way that XTC does. In the hour that follows, the trip climbs to its peak, which is full of vivid colors and visual effects. In addition to that, the Atlantis is often described as being slightly Aphrodisiac. So watch out! ;-) 
The Atlantis is highly recommended to psychonauts who are looking for a more intense experience.

Strength: 5/5
Other names: Numenorián XTC, Purple Rain, Golden Teacher

Before consumption, always read All you need to know about Magic Truffles first.


Powerful at high doses

I have had several trips using this sclerotia. I must say that a high dose is needed for true egolessness. My last trip was a 65g dose. The psilocybin allowed me to experience indescribable bliss and awe! I had not realised at the time what this experience was... now I realise, I had become one with my true identity - consciousness itself.

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Theyre good.

I ordered the 100grams and im happy with my order. Much better than one of their competitors that i tried. Will order again.

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We took these on 2 separate occasions (taking 12.5g each). The first time, they were incredible, with amazing visuals and a surprisingly good high. The second time they were fairly underwhelming - but I'm pretty sure that was down to us not storing them properly. I'd definitely order them again.

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100 grams – Atlantis – XL Family Pack