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15 gram – Galindoii – Magic Truffles

15 grams of Galindoii Magic Truffles

Strength: 5/5

Other names: Area 51, MushRocks, Cosmic Connectors

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The Galindoii is mainly found in and around the forests of Mexico. Initially, the Galindoii was identified as the Atlantis, but further research by psilocybe expert Gaston Guzman has shown that this is in fact a new variety of Magic Truffles. In any case, there’s no question Galindoii truffles are rightfully categorized as Magic Truffles, they will both give you the deepest insights possible and have you rolling on the floor from laughter.
The Galindoii is currently the strongest truffle in our product range, so make sure you are an experienced psychonaut before trying these.

Strength: 5/5
Other names: Area 51, MushRocks, Cosmic Connectors

Before consumption, always read All you need to know about Magic Truffles first.


These are very enjoyable the cheaper ones are not worth the money this is a very enjoyable trip took these at a packed concert had no paranoia and a really good time. Lasted about 4-5 hours a 15gram portion I would definitely recommend them.

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I enjoyed about 13 g of my 15 g pack last night, they were great visuals were very vivid and was very energized, would def recommend em!

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15 gram – Galindoii – Magic Truffles

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