15 grams – Galindoii – Magic Truffles

15 gram Galindoii Magic Truffles

Sterkte: 5/5

Andere benamingen: Area 51, MushRocks, Cosmic Connectors

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De Galindoii wordt vooral gevonden in en rond de bossen van Mexico. In eerste instantie werd de Galindoii geïdentificeerd als de Atlantis, maar uit nader onderzoek van psilocybe-expert Gaston Guzman is gebleken dat het hier wel degelijk om een nieuwe soort Magic Truffle gaat. De Atlantis is momenteel de sterkste truffelsoort in ons assortiment. Zorg dat je een ervaren psychonaut bent voordat je de Galandoii probeert. Deze soort doet de benaming Magic Truffles eer aan. Met Galindoii-truffels heb je het ene moment de diepste inzichten en rol je het volgende moment over de grond van het lachen. Succes gegarandeerd.

Sterkte: 5/5
Andere benamingen: Area 51, MushRocks, Cosmic Connectors

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Bull shit

This truffles fuckin bull shit

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15 grams pulled my pants down, for real. My ego got its ass whipped. At times I felt I was gone ...be prepared to face the darkness, it's necessary. There is pleasure too.


    I can’t express how thankful I am.

    It wasn’t exactly seeing patterns, shapes, that moved me. It was legit.. knowing and hearing, feeling.. everything that is and isn’t!!! I have become the most happiest human being in the entire world!!

    I took 30grams. And i went in scared, I asked them to show me and understand why I am. Who I am, who I’m meant to be. And I’m absolutely so thankful it is beyond words! Sometimes a trip doesn’t happen. But let me tell you this. And what the universe made me feel. And what I heard. It saves you from what could of been. But never regret that it didn’t happen. Remember everyone who sees this. Always smile. Love, adore. From this moment forward! I want you all to know.. and remember these words.

    The universe loves you. It adores you. And I love.. this site for granting me “eternal” happiness and positive energy for the rest of my life!!! Always be happy. And to whoever reads this. I love you! I’m telling you that to make you smile because we all deserve to be told this!!! And that’s what I want you to know x

    Until my next trip... and order.. from you guys. Just love to you to! X

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    These are very enjoyable the cheaper ones are not worth the money this is a very enjoyable trip took these at a packed concert had no paranoia and a really good time. Lasted about 4-5 hours a 15gram portion I would definitely recommend them.

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    I enjoyed about 13 g of my 15 g pack last night, they were great visuals were very vivid and was very energized, would def recommend em!

    • 5 van 5 personen vonden deze recensie bruikbaar.

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    15 grams – Galindoii – Magic Truffles

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