15 gram – Mexicana – Magic Truffles

250 gram Mexicana Magic Truffles

Sterkte: 3/5

Andere benamingen: Teonanacatl, Pajaritos, Space Shuttles

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De Mexicana-truffel is een van de bekendste soorten. Gedurende een snelle groeiperiode van 8-10 weken worden vormt deze soort grote sclerotia. De Mexicana bevat gemiddeld vrij lage concentraties psilocine, naast een redelijke concentratie psilocybine. Omdat psilocybine door het menselijk wordt omgezet in psilocine zullen de effecten geleidelijk intreden. Dit maakt de Mexicana de ideale soort voor beginners. Maar geen zorgen, de Mexicana zorgt uiteindelijk nog steeds voor een uiterst magische trip.

Sterkte: 3/5
Andere benamingen: Teonanacatl, Pajaritos, Space Shuttles

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completely satisfied!

Very fast delivery, friendly customer service who was happy to answer my questions on the phone. Such a service is what you want! I look forward to eating the truffles.


    Poor experience

    It’s not a dig at the supplier but these did nothing. Maybe they got too warm on the way to the uk or something but I took 5g (I’m new to this) and nothing happened. So then I swallowed the remainder - another 10g - and nada. I chewed them well too. I have to assume I just got a lousy batch.


      High as a kite.

      Super fast delivery. It was my first mushroom experience, and i ate the whole 15grams because I’m rubbish and have no self control. At first I thought they weren’t working and I did feel a bit nauseous, , but then the pattern on my wallpaper started to move around and I felt very high. I’m not sure if I’m hardcore enough to graduate to anything stronger just yet. Great product. Thanks


        15 gram mexicana

        Had these in Amsterdam a while back and had so much fun and laughter so I've been wanting to get hold of some since. Order these Monday to the UK and they arrived 4 days later without issue, Definitely buying again. Great customer service

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        Awesome truffles! I ordered 3 of these and on a Saturday evening we were three friends how gathered for a light meal followed by some truffles. There were lots and lots of laughs and fun. I can highly recommend this product. Don't eat the whole bag at once if it is your first time though, eat half or 2/3 and save the rest for an hour or two later when you know were you are going and feel comfortable.

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        Enjoyed eating them. Good taste, a bit sour/bitter, ate some grapes afterwards.

        Felt my body heating up, warm feeling from my stomach spreading thru my entire body. Sat down, put some ambient music on...trip started.

        The music i was listening to, just soundscapes and fx, transformed into light and waves (eyes closed). Then they formed into something like spaceships that took me far away from where i´ve been until i reached a room full of crazy lights, and i felt very salvaged.
        It was like i reached the center of my mind, because then it hit me with crazy thoughts about myself and the whole universe. I then realized...we are one. Just one.

        After like 45 minutes (as the music stopped) my journey came to a sudden end.
        I opened my eyes, then i realized what just happened... it was like a therapy, an ultimate meditation.
        Now i could began enjoying ultimate highness.

        Everything in my room was like morphing and in very bright colors. Actually the very first time i ever experienced visuals. Astonishing.
        Then some good laughter and crazy discussions with my friend.
        We then decided to eat the rest of the truffels, which made a total of 20 grams per person this evening.
        We then headed outside for a walk where i quickly realized, i don´t want to be outside in public.
        I began to feel very bad, wanted to be back home as quick as possible.
        So we headed home, put some music on and i began to calm down. This were the only 15 minutes i felt bad.

        All in all i felt an enormous need for music while tripping on truffles.
        Best experience i have ever had.
        Can´t wait to repeat this.

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        Simply amazing,

        great for any beginner, really easy high, incredible. You'll find yourself in a strange world, you'll live out new experiences, but at all times you are fully concious. I would recommed for anyone who plans this for his first time. I can wait to get the atlantis.

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        15 gram – Mexicana – Magic Truffles